Blog Hires Vice President and GM Sanjay Pandya to Maximize Safety and Amplify Growth today announced the appointment of Sanjay Pandya, Professional Engineer (P.E.), as Vice President (VP) and General Manager (GM) of Construction. Mr. Pandya will be responsible for overseeing internal operations, augmenting the company's operating performance and will also lead the company's efforts in the construction industry.

 With over 30 years of civil engineering industry experience, Sanjay brings project management and structural engineering expertise and know-how in delivering site civil and building projects from planning and design to completion of project construction. He has entrepreneurial experience and a demonstrated ability to lead a diverse team of professionals and technical staff to deliver projects. Mr. Pandya is also a licensed Professional Engineer and Structural Engineer in several states.

"Safety first is the top priority of every construction company," said Sanjay Pandya, VP of "As the industry runs toward IIoT (industrial internet of things) and Industry 4.0, we must not neglect the health and safety of our most valuable asset: the construction workers who help to build and restore our built environment." Pandya added that's Sentri360™'s sensor fusion safety net can be laid across construction sites to improve and enhance the construction site and worker safety by serving as a 24/7 safety superintendent. The Sentri360™ virtual safety net boosts the General Contractor safety staff's efforts to "watch, alert and record safety incidents that often go underreported or worse, unreported."

Sentri360™ sensor fusion safety net has the following objectives in its recent commercial release:

  • Encourage proper personal protective equipment (PPE) protocol, including hard hat, safety vest detection.
  • For the post lockdown environment, support implementation of   COVID-19 protocols for worker health & safety, including PPE face mask and glove detection, skin temperature checks, social distancing checks and contact tracing.
  • Provide proactive health detection (i.e., overexertion, dehydration, etc.).
  • Geofencing to encourage safety zone and lockout tagout compliance.
  • Safeguard employees, machinery and vehicles from impending collisions that involve cranes, forklifts, people, etc.

·  Fall prevention with guardrail detection, and harness and lanyard PPE detection.

  • Provide for fall detection for workers wearing sensors.
  • Alerts sent via haptic wearable devices to proactively avoid incidents and provide behavior training.  
  • Data analytics viewable on the Sentri360™ User Portal for action and review in ongoing training customized to plant safety program.'s virtual safety net technology has several benefits by reducing incident rates of construction worker injuries and fatalities and thus improving companies' operations, skilled worker retention and companies' reputation. Tangible benefits include:

  • Reduction of worker injuries and fatalities—resulting in lower direct and indirect injury related costs
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Lower OHSA compliance costs
  • Improved skilled labor retention and greater employee satisfaction
  • Better productivity
  • Better jobsite risk analysis
  • Streamlined and improved jobsite safety and OSHA compliance process.

"We are extremely excited to have Sanjay on board, and his three decades of experience will help guide us into the construction industry," said Sandeep Pandya, Chief Executive Officer of "In a post COVID-19 world, the ability to proactively assist workers to learn and adopt new PPE and safety protocols will be crucial. is developing those tools to help ensure safety in these dangerous industrial environments."